We are a third party license key reseller , we try to find best deals for all Antivirus keys whenever possible .

All purchase are final, once the purchased “License key, activation key, login+password or download links ..” are sent there is NO return, unless we have emailed the wrong product. if the key didn’t work please notify us within 24 hours of  receiving it..

Return Claims  such as ” I didn’t like the product, or I don’t need it anymore, or I don’t know how to use ” are NOT accepted. Please make sure you try the trial version first before Purchasing any Product, if you didn’t like the Trial version chances that you won’t like the Paid version either.

NOTE: The lifetime license key’s Warranty for some software is only depends on the Antivirus company (ex: Malwarebytes) This license has been discontinued support since 2014 if the Malwarebytes company decided to stop or end the support for their product key we can’t do anything about it, other than giving a discounted license key of an alternative Antivirus.

If you need help activating your license key please feel free to contact us, we can assist you with TeamViewer. Our job ends once the Key is successfully applied, If you have other problem related to the software Please contact the Manufacturer, or get help from an IT specialist.

All Customers are Required to know what they are buying .

Please make sure you read carefully the Description of the items

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